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Jay with President Trump's state car, "The Beast"

Time after time, I’ve personally seen politicians pretend they care about election integrity but do nothing once they get elected to office. I’ll make these lying do-nothing politicians stand aside, and I will secure our elections for generations to come.


Liberal elites cheated and, due to my efforts, will be exposed for the fraudsters they are.


The irregularities and red flags indicate a massive potential for nefarious actors to access the Wisconsin Voter Registration system and allow them to manipulate any voter’s status. The Democrats are being exposed here in my state, and I need your help to continue my efforts to secure our elections.


The time to fight back is now, and I need all hands on deck to defeat Democrats and RINOs who seek to destroy your state and country. Help me beat the Democrats and stop the steal. Democrats and RINOs do not believe in election integrity.


We will clean up our voter rolls and stop radical leftist liberals from breaking into our voter database.


Liberals have no shame and will do anything to grab power from the people. We must ensure liberals lose all across this country. That starts right here in Wisconsin.


President Trump is watching my race, and with your help, we will send a message to Biden and the Democrats that Wisconsin is not for sale! I won’t be bullied into silence or intimidated.


Wisconsin elections are vital to booting the incompetent Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in 2024. We need true leaders who will secure the elections in Wisconsin and stop the Democrats. Help elect me as Secretary of State so we can fight back. I need you to donate as much as you can afford $5, $10, $25, $100, $500, $1000, or $2600 today!


I thank you for your support today and always.


God Bless,


Jay Schroeder

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